OutNAbout - Weekend in Review 5/7 - 5/9

Those of you who are on our Facebook page probably already know that I recently took a little spill and injured my leg. This is why I haven't been outNabout much lately. This weekend, however, I did get a chance to try out my walking skills and combat some of this stir-crazy with a nice Arts & Crafts Show!

The Bazaar Days

The Bazaar Days Arts & Crafts Show took place in Addison on Saturday. The show was a lovely temporary home to many, friendly vendors, live music, and super cute Bazaar Days re-usable totes.

The event had a great variety of vendors from artwork to quilting and everything in between. Christy Robinson Designs was showcasing a spectacular amount of custom sterling silver jewelry, including her animal silhouette pendants that just kill with cuteness. It's like wearing a print around your neck! But if you prefer to keep your prints on the wall, Bazaar Days had plenty of vendors for you too! One of these vendors, Bee Things, was a one-stop shop for all things animal-cute from prints for your walls to paper and journals to help you reach your recommended daily level of cuteness.

Lucky you, if you weren't able to visit the show you can check out all of their amazing vendors on their vendor list here, and, with a little help from your 'ol pal google, hunt them down online!


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