Vendor Applications :: Part III - The Template

Now that we have covered the important details regarding your event in Part I, and the pertinent information in defining your vendor base in Part II--it's time to start constructing that application!  You obviously care about throwing a successful event or you probably would not have read this far.  This series is here to help you, not make your life more complicated.  And in that spirit, I spent several weeks designing and coding this template that you can download and use for your vendor application. 

The Template
This PDF is built so that you may enter your event information, define the kind of vendors you are looking for and the space you are offering, finalize or “lock” the form, and distribute it to your vendors.

When your vendors receive the document, they can fill in the vendor information that you have requested without accidentally changing or altering your event information.

When you view the document, you will see several yellow fields indicating all the event information that you can edit and customize by simply clicking on the related field. If you are confused about a field, try hovering over it with your mouse—I have entered several “tool tips” to help guide you through the process along with some sample text as well. The sample text will disappear when you click on the corresponding field, and you may enter in your proper information. If you click off of the field, before entering anything, the sample text will return.

There are four buttons at the bottom of page 2 to help in your form creation:

  • Reset Vendor Info: If you enter any “vendor information” while filling out your form, you can click this button to clear the fields again.
  • Reset Entire Form: If you messed up and you want to start over, this will completely reset the form.
  • Save Editable Form Instruction (not button): Reminds you to save a copy of the form with all the fields active. If, for some reason, you need to make changes—this will be the form that you will use. Once the form is finalized (see below) these fields will be locked.
  • Finalize Form: This will remove all the field highlighting and flatten all the fields with your event information, so no one can edit them. It will leave the appropriate vendor information forms editable, so your vendors can fill out the application right on this page. All buttons except for “Reset Vendor Info” will also be removed.
Because DFW Craft Shows is a free craft show resource, I have decided to offer this template up for donations to support the website.  You can donate as little as a dollar and all donations will go towards the promotion and upkeep of DFW Craft Shows.

After completing your donation, click the button that says "Download Vendor Application Template" to be taken to your download page.  Please contact me at if you experience any issues with the download process.

To access all the features, I suggest downloading the file and viewing it on your computer.  Some features do not translate over to Google Docs, but everything will work if you view the PDF directly on your computer or in your internet browser.  Note for Mac Users: In order to properly save the file for use on both Macs & PCs, you MUST open/edit the file in Adobe reader and not in “preview mode.” 

A few last quick tips and tricks for event coordinators:
Remember that review is the key to using any template. Make sure you fill in each and every section needed, and remove any information that is not needed. You are showing off your attention to detail, so you don’t have to have a section that says “__your event here__ is going to be an amazing event!”

Use calendars like the DFW Craft Shows Calendar to help find the perfect date for your event. With just one click, you can easily view what's happening when and find a date that you feel will bring your event the most success.

Don't throw an event unless you have the time and resources to back it up. Your vendors will be working as hard as they can to get ready for your show, and they will expect you to do the same. Similarly, last minute events rarely go the way you would hope. It is best to put the time and effort into planning a really good event later than to rush one now.


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