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I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of your for your support of! There are lots of ways to support the site, and I love to receive so many wonderful emails asking how you can do just that. Here are just a few ways that readers are keeping DFWCraftShows running like a well-oiled machine:

  • Ad Space on DFWCraftShows
    Advertising on DFWCS is a great way to keep your crafty services, shows, and creations on the front page, and every page, of our website. Rates start as low as $5 / month and all funds go towards the maintenance and promotion of DFWCS. Don't have a banner? We also offer banner ad creation services for an additional price. More info here.

  • Sponsor a Giveaway
    Help us keep traffic coming to the site and people all over North Texas engaged on DFWCS by hosting a giveaway! All it takes is a little info and a product value of $20 or more. More info here.

  • Donate
    You may have noticed that cute little yellow donate button that appeared top-left on a few days ago. I fought adding this button to the site for a while; it didn't seem right to ask anyone for help since I took on this challenge myself. But, you emailed and requested a way to donate to the site, and so I have obliged.

    If the site helps you find new shows, new artists, or just puts a smile on your face: maybe you want to give something back. So, I have created this donation link where you can click to donate as little as $1 or as much as you would like. All funds will go towards the promotion and upkeep of the site. Every little bit helps!

  • Submit Show Information
    Know of a show that isn't listed on our website? Shoot us an email at with whatever information you've got! I will research the show and get it added to our vendor call and/or weekend guide, whichever applies. This allows us to help your event get as much exposure as possible: to vendors, shoppers, and other show recruiters!

Thank you so much for thinking of ways to help keep DFWCS up and running at at the highest level possible. It is all your support and show submissions that makes this site work. So, keep sending in that show information, keep commenting and posting on the site; I love to hear what you think, where you shop, and where you're going to be set up!

<3 DFWCraftShows


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