What Does Crafting Do For You - Giveaway

What does crafting do you for you? For me, crafting is serenity. It is comforting to know that even in the midst of chaos, I can sit down in front of my sewing machine and rest assured that when I press on that pedal, the presser foot will move the fabric forward and the machine will sew. Crafting is control and balance in a world that is pretty much always unbalanced. But what is crafting to you?

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Team Dorsey Designs, a home based jewelry business that Mandy and her family started to share their love of being "fans." Team Dorsey Designs creates pendants to help you support whoever you believe in, whether it be a team, a person, a school, etc.. the sky is the limit! Their jewelry is a great way to give a thoughtful, personalized gift to someone you love.

One lucky DFW Craft Shows reader will WIN a 2 sided pendant customized with the design of YOUR choice. You may choose your Favorite NFL team, College or your son or daughters team w/name and/or number to go on a 16" matching beaded necklace (value of $40) OR bracelet (value of $30). The item will be made to your specifications and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of your design/customization information.

How to enter: Simply leave a comment (here or on Facebook) and tell us what crafting does for you. Don't forget to leave an email address if your blogger profile is private, otherwise, I will have no way of contacting you!

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Tuesday, September 28th. Winners will be announced the morning of Wednesday, September 29th, 2010.

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  1. Crafting to me is a daily thought...without it my mind would be blank. ...I always have thoughts of my projects in the works or future projects...never is my PEACE.

    ddsdoubles at hotmail dot com

  2. For Me Crafting Is A Healthy Way Out of The
    Normalarity In My Life. An Output For My Creativity And A Way For My Mind To Let Loose!

  3. Great giveaway! Crafting for me is a creative release...a nice break away from the computer & a chance to make something with my hands. Sadly, after our basement flooded & our home had to be rearranged, my craft room was disassembled. I miss crafting!!!!!

    Jessica D.

  4. For me crafting gives me a break from the every day cares of the world :) It's also a BIG stress reliever to me!

    Cathy Wiggins
    Mommy2Dev @

  5. For me, crafting is a release of stress and it fuels my creatitivity. I simple crave my craft and love spending hours painting. Ü

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  7. Crafting relaxes me and gives me a safe place to try new things and be more creative than my "real world" self allows me to be. I've loved crafting all my life, and probably couldn't be who I am without it!


  8. Crafting means the world to is like breathing...when crafting I am able to share a piece of myself...It is such a delight to see the smile of a child when she is given that stretch bracelet, that teenage girl who finds just the right piece for herself, that elderly woman who finds the vintage remake piece that brings back memories...I craft for the every day woman. Women like me who love beautiful, funky unusual pieces who is on a limited budget :)