Encouraging Words - Giveaway Winner

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to share some encouraging words with our fellow DFW Craft Show members. Hopefully one of those comments gave someone the push that they needed to get out there and show off their crafty creations.

And now the winner is... Lottie of Couture Events! Lottie is a wedding planner in the DFW area who loves to create, experience and appreciate exquisite weddings. Lottie has a taste for class and quality with the impeccable ability to create an event that is unforgettable yet affordable.

Lottie- You have won a Holiday Garland of your choice, a value of $30. Below are just three samples of the variety of garlands that Tarah makes. The garlands' length will depend on the words used in the garland. Each letter/shape is connected with 2 - 3 different ribbons that coordinate with the paper. The color theme is up to you!

Congrats Lottie!

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our giveaways and having your business listed on our site as shown above? Email me at for more information!


  1. yay! Thank you. I added your badge to our blog. :)

  2. You are getting even more fabulous by the moment! :D