Encouraging Words - Giveaway

One thing that I don't think people realize about vendors at Arts & Craft shows... you are really putting yourself out there. You have no idea how people are going to receive your products from one show to the next. You spend your free time and put tons of effort into making something wonderful that you want share with others, and you deserve a big pat on the back! This is not always what you get... so I'm extending a virtual hug of encouragement. Don't let one rouge comment here or there discourage you. Soak up those supportive cheers and compliments like there is no tomorrow, because that is the nectar of creative minds!

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Tarah of Tarah Designs. Tarah creates all sorts of wonderful handcrafted paper goods to celebrate extraordinary days and every day inbetween! Check out all the super cute merchandise in her Etsy shop, or "like" her Facebook Page to see the latest and greatest products that she is creating for Arts & Crafts Shows all over the metroplex!

One lucky DFW Craft Shows reader will WIN a Holiday Garland of your choice- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc, a value of $30. Above are just three samples of the variety of garlands that Tarah makes. The garlands' length will depend on the words used in the garland. Each letter/shape is connected with 2 - 3 different ribbons that coordinate with the paper. The color theme is up to you!

How to enter: Simply leave a comment (here or on Facebook) with a few words of encouragement for your fellow artists & crafters. Putting your creative mind on display is not easy for a lot of folks, and maybe we can give them the extra push they need to grab onto one of these vendor calls and show their creations to the world. Don't forget to leave an email address if your blogger profile is private, otherwise, I will have no way of contacting you!

My words of encouragement: If you love doing something, you shouldn't let anyone or anything stand in your way of doing it. We make our own joy in life.

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Tuesday, November 9th. Winners will be announced the morning of Wednesday, November 10th, 2010.

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our giveaways and having your business listed on our site as shown above? Email me at for more information!


  1. Making and selling things is fun - especially when you are making/selling with your friends :)

  2. Aw, do so want. It is amazing how something little like this can brighten up a room and the people in it as well. Just like all art does! :)

  3. Very encouraging post, Thank You!!! Love this site, very helpful and resourceful. Love making my own goodies to share with others.
    Aymee :)

  4. When making your art or craft to sell, make sure you stay true to yourself, your style, your uniqueness and creativity. That energy will go into the piece you are creating so you can share your talent with the world.

  5. Be in surrounding of colorful and creative everyday.

  6. Sometimes I get creatively bummed so make sure to keep your body and mind around those who push your creativity to its limit. This will jumpstart your flow.