OutNAbout - Weekend in Review 12/10 - 12/12

Since it seemed that last weekend might be the last of the Arts & Crafts shows for 2010, I felt obligated to hit the scene one last time this year. As usual, I did not regret the decision... though my wallet might have, ha!

Academy Arts & Crafts Fair

The Academy Arts & Crafts Fair took place at Jake E. Singley Academy in Irving last Saturday. There were three stories of vendors set up throughout the school, offering a variety of handmade and retail goods.

You know I love it when I try to hand out a DFWCraftShows card only to find out that you already use the site! It was wonderful to run into several vendors at the show that gave us very positive feedback regarding the site. I'm really glad it's helping you guys out!

As usual, it's hard to just pick a few vendors to chat about here. At this show, I grabbed cards for three very different handmade categories: art, crafts, and... food! Representing the arts category today is Karen S. May. Karen is a very talented painter whose range includes still life to abstract with many stops in between. She also paints beautiful wooden trays that are coated to resiliency for everyday use.

When it comes to crafts, we've got Deletia of Scentilating. Deletia's candles, scrubs, and soaps are the perfect balance between fragrance and subtly, no overwhelming scents or headaches to be found here. Deletia is offering several holiday products in addition to her regular cooking-inspired scents that are sure to spice up your life!

And finally, to the food! We were blown away by the samples and smells at Big Dawg Bites. From their delicious salsas to their spice mixes, this company from Gainesville does not disappoint with their fantastic mix of fresh ingredients and of course, spices! Be sure to try out their new Bites: Sliced Jalapenos for a spicy kick in the taste buds!

I had a blast shopping this show and getting to know so many new vendors. Thanks to everyone who took the time chat with us! I'm excited to be giving so many truly unique and handcrafted gifts this year, and I hope some of these vendors will help you do the same!

Craft On,



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