Birthday Bash Giveaway #2

In our last blog post, I discussed the compassion of the Arts & Crafts community and how lucky we are to work in that environment. Another thing that I love about being in the Arts & Crafts world is the fact that you are never finished learning. I am constantly picking up new crafts and skill sets, as well as improving on my current skill set and crafts. Obviously, the internet opened up huge doors for our community to share and exchange information.

Our second Birthday Bash Giveaway is brought to you by Rosalie of Unanimous Craft. Rosalie has created a website to help us find those very specific types of craft websites, from design to articles, and every stop in between. She's making the search for crafty information that much easier, but that's not all. Unanimous Craft allows you to review resources and share your thoughts on what's hot and what's not.

How to enter: Simply give the website a try! Login or create an account if you are new (don't worry--all your contact information is safe and they will NOT spam you), and rate or submit a resource. (*cough* Rate DFW Craft Shows *cough*) Then leave a comment (here or on the Facebook post) and tell us what you did. Please don't forget to leave an email address, if I cannot contact you then you cannot collect your prize!

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Sunday, March 27th. Winners will be announced Monday, March 28th.

And the winner is... Lianne of Lizziebees! Congrats! You have won a One Year Premium Membership on Unanimous Craft, a value of $60. This membership includes:
  • $10/month discount on all Unanimous Craft ads
  • More awesome-er user profiles with extra images and social networks
  • Profile featured on the home page randomly
  • Listed on the Premium Member page
  • Automatic entry in monthly drawing for a free one month ad on the interior site pages.

Does this mean our non-winners cannot enjoy everything great that is Unanimous Craft? Of course not! The website is a great resource or resources, so I encourage you to check it out if you have not. You can also pursue your own Premium Membership here.

Are you checking this out and just itching to get involved in our Giveaways? That's what I like to hear! Email me at


  1. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    I created an account on Unanimous Craft an submitted a resource of DFW craft shows!


    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the chance to win goodies for your birthday!! :-)

    I love your site! Just posted a review for you over on unanimous craft!

    lizziebees at hotmail dot com

  3. Wonderful chance to win goodies!!

    Happy Birthday to ya'll... <3

    Joined and left a review for DCS

  4. Kenzi & Kristi,

    It looks like a duplicate page was created for DFWCS on UC by accident. Rosalie was kind enough to fix this error for us, but in the transition, your reviews were lost. Feel free to post another review at the link below IF you would like. Your entries in the giveaway will count either way, though!

  5. Funky Finds is a resource on Unanimous Craft, an awesome site that is such a valuable resource to the handmade community! ALSO, we wrote a review about DFW Craft Shows a while back. Thankfully it's still posted!!

  6. Sunday Afternoon Housewife is a resource on Unanimous Craft and I love that site! I just wrote a review of DFW crafts because I know first hand how hard you work to keep the site going! Oh yes, and Happy Birthday!

  7. Hi - just created an account too. Gave DFW Crafts a review, and also submitted my website as a resource ! This is what I mean. What a great website Unanimous Crafts is, and I found it because of this site! love it.