Go ahead, comment away!

If you haven't already noticed, we have switched things up a bit here on the blog.  We are now using a new commenting system that allows you to sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter log-in.  Don't worry, you can still comment as a guest as well.

Along with the new sign-in features, the commenting system also allows you to link up your shop or event, making it easy for folks to find you--if you want to be found, that is!  Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by commenting on the events you are vending at to let folks know to look for you.  You can also do the same on our Weekend Guides!

Lastly, you can subscribe to comments with the click of a button.  This is great for event coordinators who want to stay on top of any comments made on their Event Listings, as well as vendors who want to receive event updates.  Just look for the "subscribe to this feed" section below each comment section (here's an example).

There you have it!  I'm always trying to find ways to make the site easier for you to use and get the word out about your events. I hope this helps!

Happy Crafting!



  1. can you comment on show setup and quality or will those comments be deleted? I have had a very hard time getting accurate comments about how shows are run, such that I've done some horrible ones as well as some that are wonderful.

  2. Hold onto that thought just a little while longer, Cari. I'm working on a system to handle that feedback specifically.