OutNAbout - Weekend in Review 11/14 - 11/16

Last weekend seems to be the last of welcoming warm weather for your winter shopping.  Baby, it's cold outside, but it's also mid-November, so I suppose all is as it should be.  Cuddle up with those blankets, and join me as I reminisce about our last cozy craft show experience.

Guyer Choir Craft Show - Denton
The 8th Annual Guyer Choir Craft Show had over 140 vendors lining the halls of the Guyer High School and featured a large variety of artists, crafters, and consultants.  Here are just a few examples of the amazing talent I saw!

From Steph & Eye Candy at Guyer Choir Craft Show

These two vendors shared their booths, and their colorful and creative products complimented each other perfectly.  From these adorable, handmade, sassy bags (From Steph) to their cute and quirky bottle cap jewelry (Eye Candy), there was a little something for everyone to be found here.

Texas Elf House at Guyer Choir Craft Show

These are so cute, you guys!  Texas Elf House creates little elf houses and tree doors to decorate your yard with.  These magical little accessories are perfect for sparking and encouraging imaginations for all ages.

A.W.A Studio at Guyer Choir Craft Show

A.W.A Studio's booth stopped you in your tracks with their delicious scents--leather, firewood, and tobacco were just of the few unique scents they have to offer the true Texan in your life.  Though it was the smell that caught my attention, it was the gorgeous pottery that kept me lingering.  These beautiful dishes are all carved by hand, no stamps, and are also made right here in Texas.  

I had a wonderful time chatting with another batch of amazingly talented folks at the craft show this weekend.  It was so great to hear that some of you already knew about DFW Craft Shows, and it's always fun to introduce myself to new vendors who are looking for help finding shows. Hey, that's what we are here for!  Welcome, I hope you'll stay a while.

See you next time!


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