Teal Pumpkin Treat Guide

Teal Pumpkin Treat Guide

Holidays can be such a scary time for families trying to safely navigate their lives through food allergies, especially Halloween.  That's why the Teal Pumpkin Project is so near and dear to my heart.  Today, I put together a few non-food Halloween treat ideas to show y'all that participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project does not have to be expensive or time consuming! 

Each year I buy a few new items to get in the Halloween spirit, and I mix those with our current selection.  One of the great things about non-food treats is being able to stash the leftovers for next year. Unlike leftover candy, your extra teal pumpkin goodies will not negatively affect your waistline or catch shade from Barbara in accounting when she notices you eating them... again.  (Really, Barbara?). After Halloween, I hit the clearance aisles to replenish. Not only do I have food allergy-friendly treats, but I have a fun variety to expand to year after year.  

For your convenience, all the products highlighted below—and TONS more—can be found in one, easy to access location on my Teal Pumpkin Treat Amazon ListSo let’s get started!

Bowl of non-food treats spilled across the table from a teal bowl

Glow Sticks!  The gift your kids will love to use right away.  These are perfect for Halloween night and help visibility as an added safety bonus.  Amazon has all sorts of things that will illuminate your night, from bugs (uh, cool!?) to finger flashlights and flashing LED rings, so there's no excuse to stay in the dark on this one.

Washi tape.  This one might seem weird, but I swear it is my daughter's FAVORITE thing.  She uses it to decorate gifts, cards, drawings, me, her brother, the Kleenex box... Everything gets an extra special arts and crafts touch around here.

Variety of Halloween Stickers

Stickers. I've yet to meet a kid that didn't love them.  My daughter hordes them, and my son eats them. (Okay, maybe he's not the best example.)  These vinyl stickers are awesome because kids young and old can use them to decorate their art, devices, school supplies, folders etc.

Halloween Stamps.  Of course, it doesn't have to be Halloween related... any themed stamps are super exciting when it's time to sit down and get creative.

Cute halloween notebooks arranged to say "BOO!"

Halloween Variety Packs feature all sorts of goodies like Halloween themed pencils, stickers, and rubber duckies.  This other Variety Pack 2 has everything from vampire fangs to fake fingers.

Animal Erasers are another favorite around here.  My daughter loves to take apart and put together these puzzle erasers.  She collects every one she can find and does some great imaginative play with them.  Do not give these to the wee little ones though... they are choking hazards for sure.

Teal Pumpkin Treat Bowl

Temporary Tattoos.  If your kids are handing out candy and treats, what about letting them set up a little stand at the front door? There's a million different designs to choose from, and it only takes about 15 - 30 seconds to apply.  Use a spray bottle and have a couple of towels on hand--they are sure to have a blast!

Sticky Hands.  No treat box is complete without something sticky and weird.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  "But, Tania, I don't really like sticky hands.  Is there something else that's sticky and fun?"  Oh boy, Barbara. You bet your bottom dollar there is.

Slap Bracelets! They were cool when we were in school, and they still are!  Bonus feature... save one to slap on Barbara when she starts up on you.  (Girl, ssh and find yo desk!)

All the items above and much more can be found in one convenient location on my Teal Pumpkin Treat List on Amazon.

Tip: For the youngest of youngsters, consider handing toys directly to them/their parents or ask mom and dad to choose. That way you don't have to experience the joys that are a toddler spurned when they accidentally pick something out that is not age appropriate.  

A word of caution: avoid non food gifts that may contain food ingredients such as Play Doh, Slime, Crayons, etc. There are lots of "Top 8 Allergen Friendly" candies out there that you can have on hand, but please be aware that many children are allergic to foods outside of the Top 8 and would not be able to enjoy these "allergen friendly treats."  Having first hand experience with kiddos who don't play by the "popular" food allergy rules, I like to skip the food treats all together--that way everyone can enjoy a little holiday treat on Halloween.

To everyone who has taken the time to read this, buy food allergy safe treats, and pop a teal pumpkin out front—I want you to know the magnitude of what you’re doing. That teal pumpkin on your porch is like a beacon of light in the dark, dark seas of food allergies. This one small gesture of inclusion means everything to a parent and child who are trying their best to just have one “normal” holiday experience. Thank you for thinking of our families.

I will continue to add to this list as Halloween approaches, so check back and share with  your friends! And don't forget to add your house to the Teal Pumpkin Project Map!
Updated October 21st, 2020.

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