Highlights from the Coppell Holiday House :: Weekend in Review

Walking through the halls of CHS, one thing was quite clear: the holiday season is in full blast whether you like it or not.  My children had a blast and left feeling sufficiently festive... to the point that they were disappointed to come home and find the house as un-decorated as it was when we left.  Oops.

north texas vendor selections by DFW Craft Shows from Coppell Holiday House 2019

The Coppell Holiday House is always packed full of vendors, and this year was no exception.  With over 100 small businesses setup throughout the school, it was no easy task to pick just a few to share with you guys.  But then again... is it ever? (No, no it is not.)

Letter Lounge Display at Coppell Holiday House, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Reclaimed Books by Letter Lounge, photography by DFW Craft Shows
If you love books AND you know someone whose name starts with a letter, then you are sure to love the vast selection of reclaimed books by Letter Lounge.  Seriously though, keep this clever gift idea in your back pocket when it's time for stocking stuffers, secret santas, and all those other hard-to-buy-for gift exchanges!

Neu Things Crocheted Hat Display at Coppell Holiday House photography by DFW Craft Shows
Crocheted Hats by Neu Things, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Unicorns, dogs, and hippos--oh my! There was no shortage of adorable crocheted beanies at Neu Thing's booth.  It was the hippo that stopped me in my tracks (as hippos are want to do), and I found myself admiring the bright colors and workmanship of each hat I could reach.

Dashing Home Co display at Coppell Holiday House Photography by DFW Craft Shows
Custom Signs by Dashing Home Co., photography by DFW Craft Shows
There is something clean, refreshing, and invigorating about Dashing Home Co.'s signs, but nearly as clean, refreshing, and invigorating as my house would be if Alexa started pitching in. Just sayin'. Tick tock, Alexa.

Morning Blooms LLC Goat Soap Display at Coppell Holiday House photography by DFW Craft Shows
Goat Milk Soaps by Morning Blooms, LLC, photography by DFW Craft Shows
If you were to shop the show by your nose alone, it would have led you straight to Morning Blooms!  All of these gorgeous soaps are a result of Julie's local goat farm, and their subtle scents are simply dreamy.

Gnomes by Anita Grindborg Coppell Holiday House photography by DFW Craft Shows
Gnomes by Anita Grindborg, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Never be gnome alone for the holidays again, thanks to Anita Grindborg. From tiny to titanic, she has a full array of gnomes in a variety of festive colors to match any holiday decor.

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