10 Fantastic Vendors from the 2019 Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience :: Weekend in Review

I know it has been a few weeks since Funky Finds' 2019 Holiday Shopping Experience, but it has taken me that long to go through all my photos and decide on a few vendors to share with you guys.  And by a few, I mean 10 (the struggle is real, y'all).  It is hard to narrow down these selections, and I just couldn't wait to share these fantastic artisans with you, so let's press on!

The 2019 Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience housed so many vendors that it had to be spread across two buildings.  If you saw me go live on facebook, then you got a good peek at how large the event was.  I spent four hours shopping and chatting with the vendors, and still I wasn't able to stop by and visit with half of them--which just means I will have plenty more folks to meet next time!

folded paper art by thirty one thirteen
Folded Paper Art by 31:13, photography by DFW Craft Shows
31:13 Jewelry & Decor (facebook | instagram | etsy)
Can you imagine breathing new life into recycled paper and coming up with something as stunning as these pieces by 31:13? This unique, gorgeous, eco-friendly artwork is created with rolled strips of magazine adhered to canvas.  She also makes jewelry, bowls, and other home decor out of recycled paper.

stayin alive succulents
Arrangements by Stayin' Alive Succulents, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Stayin' Alive Succulents (facebook | instagram | etsy)
These beautiful succulent arrangements are the gift that keeps on giving, whether it's for someone else or yourself.  Jayme has an amazing eye for color and texture, sending you home with your own little planter full of sunshine--and she won't leave you hanging when it comes to plant care either.

crocheted animals by on a whim
Crocheted Stuffed Animals by On A Whim Creations, photography by DFW Craft Shows
On A Whim Creations (facebook | instagram | etsy)
I still cannot get over these ahhhdorable stuffed animals.  My 2 year old held that sloth like it was a tiny baby, and my whole heart melted.  Not to mention the fact that Kayla's stitches are so perfectly even that just looking at them feels like meditation.

Home Decor by Sew Blessed Handmade
Decor by Sew Blessed Handmade, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Sew Blessed Handmade (facebook)
Walking into Annette's booth felt like walking into an old friend's home.  Her space was wall to wall with all types of home decor, each handmade with love and ready to bring warmth and cheer to their next new home.

Reclaimed journals by Revival Journals
Reclaimed Book Journals by Revival Journals, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Revival Journals (facebook | instagram | website)
These handcrafted journals capture all the nostalgia of old books and re-purpose them into new creative outlets for all your sketching and journaling needs.

3d art by Jenny's Creations
Art by Jenny's Creations, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Jenny's Creations (facebook)
I was sitting outside earlier this week when the weather was wonderfully mild and the sun had just set, and I found myself looking at the bare trees set against the pale blue sky and remembering the pieces I had seen in Jenny's booth just weeks before.

ukuleles by Wastella
Ukuleles by Wastella, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Wastella (facebook | instagram)
One of my biggest regrets is not learning how to play a musical instrument, and I will remedy that someday... but until then, I am glad to show off Wastella's gorgeous repurposed, reclaimed instruments with wistful glee to anyone who's got the music in them.

Felt food by Gypsy Rhetoric
Felt Food by Gypsy Rhetoric, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Gypsy Rhetoric (facebook | instagram)
From play food to beautifully crafted dolls, Kim is a master of felt and offers an absolute feast of creativity whether it is for a young one in your life or simply the young at heart.

wooden flowers by 6m designs
Wooden Flower Arrangements by 6M Designs, photography by DFW Craft Shows
6M Designs (facebook | instagram)
Look at these stunning arrangements--all handcrafted from wood, they will never fade, never wilt, and never stop brightening your space.  This year, when you give flowers, give a bouquet that will never fade away.

Art by Megan Gutt
Paintings by Megan Gutt Art, photography by DFW Craft Shows
Megan Gutt Art (facebook | instagram)
If you love bold colors and interesting textures, then I am excited to introduce you to Megan's paintings.  From unique ornaments to full size works of art, she offers a variety of options to incorporate art into your every day.

These vendors highlights represent about 5% of the vendors Funky Finds had to offer. It was such a blessing to have several hours to walk the event and chat with a wide variety of artists about their creations. You can’t help but leave feeling inspired and invigorated by the vast talent that surrounds us in our own local communities.


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