12 Winter Crafts to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

If you live here in Texas, you might be struggling to find the holiday spirit, what with the weather pinging back and forth between spring and fall every other day.  Soon it'll be consistently cold (supposedly), but until then, I’ve gathered up several creative holiday crafts to jump start those holly jolly feels.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Wreath by Confessions of Parenting
photo credit: Confessions of Parenting
Confessions of Parenting - This adorable wreath is the perfect modern take on a traditional decoration.  I think the stars and the tiny little windows are just dreamy.

DIY Christmas Ornament by momswhosave
photo credit: Moms Who Save
Moms Who Save - This clever little ornament reminds me of wrapping paper rolls strewn across the floor in a gift wrapping frenzy.  

Easy gnomes DIY by Kippiathome
photo credit: Kippi At Home
Kippi At Home - You'll never be gnome alone again when you make a few new friends.  Because there is no place like gnome, especially when gnome is where the heart is. (No, I will not apologize.)

DIY 3D Paper Star Decoration by Gathering Beauty
photo credit: Gathering Beauty
Gathering Beauty - Hanging paper decorations are one of my favorites to make for ANY occasion, and these paper stars are no exception. Next time you are at the craft store, wander the paper aisle, pick out some patterns you love, and go to town!

DIY Wood Snowman by Happiest Camper
photo credit: Happiest Camper
Happiest Camper - The cruel, honest truth is: this is the closest we will probably get to a snowman around here yet again.  I think the last substantial snow in DFW was in 2012? 2013? My fingers are always crossed, but I think it's best to hedge our bets and make our own adorable snowman.

Snow Scene Jar by Francines Place Blog
photo credit: Francine's Place Blog
Francine's Place Blog - Why stop at a snowman when you could create your own winter wonderland?  This cozy little miniature snow-scape will have you singing "Dashing Throw the Snow" in no time!

Joy Banner by Mod Podge Rocks
photo credit: Mod Podge Rocks
Mod Podge Rocks - Have all these tutorials left your mantle out in the cold? Warm it up with a little joy this holiday season!

Christmas Mason Jars by Happiest Camper
photo credit: Happiest Camper
Happiest Camper - These jars not only make for cute Christmas decor, but they would make the cutest packing for a homemade gift as well. 

Countdown to Christmas Sign by Adventures of a DIY Mom
photo credit: Adventures of a DIY Mom
Adventures of a DIY Mom - Who doesn't love a good countdown?!  This is a fun way to decorate the house and build anticipation without feeling like you need an advent calendar.  Or another advent calendar. Somehow we ended up with two this year, y'all. Why? Why!

Miniature Christmas Village from Cards by Whats up Fagans
photo credit: What's Up Fagans
What's up Fagans - Have you stock piled holiday cards of yore, feeling bad to toss them but all the while wondering what you will do with all of them?  Your moment of glory has arrived! Build a Miniature Christmas Village! Build six of them! Build the entire metroplex!

Embroidery Hoop Wreath by Mom Envy
photo credit: Mom Envy
Mom Envy - Joy to the world, the hoop craft has come! I think this craft is full of possibility, whether you want to use vinyl or just get stitchy with it, you can take this inspiration and run with for a lovely little accent to add to your holiday decor.

braided chunky wreath by just that perfect piece
photo credit: Just That Perfect Piece
Just That Perfect Piece - Let's get chonky, chonky, chonky.... This soft, squishy, snowy wreath is like all my winter dreams wrapped up into a perfect little braid.  

Wreaths, miniatures, signs, oh my!  You've made it through 12 winter crafts to get you in the holiday spirit!  I'm not one to call names, but if you STILL aren't feeling festive... well... we might have a bigger problem than just the weather.


Just kidding, buddy. You are going to be okay.

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