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DFW Craft Shows is a FREE website that anyone can access and contribute to. I list all the local shows that I am aware of, and encourage members to share shows as well. You do not have to pay to get your show listed, participate, or contribute.  However, the website does need your support and the following are just a few ways you can help keep DFW Craft Shows running!

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Advertising space is available on DFW Craft Shows to offer targeted marketing to our network and to offset the cost of promoting and maintaining the website.  Ad space is currently available in the four sizes demonstrated here.

Ads are displayed on every page of the website and rotate randomly to keep the page fresh on every page load.  Website statistics are available upon request, including number of impressions, clicks, CTR rates, etc. An invitation to view your live ad statistics will be provided once your ad has been published to DFW Craft

Do you need help creating an ad? Not a problem! We also offer banner ad creation services at very affordable rates. Contact me at for more information or to place your ad order today!

Ad rates are subject to change and may be occasionally recalculated according to site traffic. Advertising space for consultants is limited to one listing per company and guaranteed for the period of time reserved by said consultant. A payment is required to reserve ad space. All ads are subject to approval by DFW Craft Shows and will be judged against strict advertising guidelines for content and relevance.   Ad space is non-refundable.


If the website is helping you, please consider giving back so we can keep DFW Craft Shows up and running.  Donating even a $1 helps to cover expenses, reach more people, and keep the site successful!  As donations increase, I am able to update the site and offer new features, which I would love to do!

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