Why are we here?

If you're reading this, then I suppose you've found our little corner of the internet. Since this is the first post of my blog, coinciding with the first day of our Facebook page, I might as well introduce myself.

My name is Tania and I own a small side business called The Curious Cake Shoppe. I've been having a blast working away at all the handmade goods that we sell since 2005. I only recently started attending local craft shows, and I immediately realized how much time and effort it takes to simply stay on top of all the many Arts & Crafts Shows that are going on around us constantly. There are ample opportunities in North Texas to showcase and sell our handmade goods, but finding them can be extremely difficult and exhausting! It's all about constantly searching the internet, local organizations, and networking. So I figured, why not start our own network on one of the largest networking sites online (Facebook) and share our individual show knowledge to build one giant Arts & Craft show database! And that's why I'm here.

I created this blog and Facebook Page as a networking tool between artists, crafters, and shoppers who are looking for local show information. I don't know all the shows going on in North Texas, and I bet you don't either. But together, maybe we know about twice as many as we did before. And the more the network grows, the more that number grows.

I want to create a community where we can share our information and help insure that every artist, crafter, and shopper is aware of all the opportunities to sell and shop local! Not to mention the fact that we will be giving that much more attention to those small shows that are struggling to get off the ground. If we can make them great, they will be back year after year, and those opportunities will continue to grow.

So, become a fan! Message me your shows! I will gather up the information and: post them here, add them to our universal calendar, link to them on our Facebook page, and continue to distribute the info as best I can!

How To Use DFW Craft Shows

The Nav Bar
The navigation bar is located across the top of the website.  You have have noticed it change a few times in the past couple of months, and it is changing again.  I have now included a section for our Weekend Guides, as well as a section for our upcoming articles. 

The Search Box
Pretty straight forward, but a powerful tool not to be over looked.  The search box is located towards the top of the left sidebar.  Here you can enter keywords to find particular shows. I mainly use this feature myself to find information on specific shows I remember posting, or giveaways from specific vendors etc..

Follow Via Email
Love the site but always forget to check in? You can subscribe to our posts through this RSS feed.  Now, every time something new is listed on DFW Craft Shows, you will receive an email about it.  This is the closest thing to a newsletter that we currently have. 

Twitter and Facebook
An alternative way to keep up to day on blog posts is to "follow" or "like" our Twitter and/or Facebook pages.  Whenever we have new show information, it will be posted here as well.  We also remind our FB / Twitter followers of impending application deadlines, current giveaways, and more!

Upcoming Show
Just a quick mention of our Submit Show page, which allows you to submit any show information that you may have into our system for publication on DFW Craft Shows. This is the fastest way to get a show listed here, but there may still be a delay as each show submission is reviewed and manually entered on the website to insure relevance.

Browse by Subject
This is a great tool to browse our posts by labels.  Each show post is categorized by location, month, and type, which you can view at the bottom of the post right before the comments.  These labels are clickable here, or can be accessed on the left sidebar.  This is a great way to look at show listings by location, but it is also a great way to filter shows by type.  Shows that that are handmade-only are indicated by the "handmade" tag.  You can also select a month to see all shows currently listed for that month.  This information is easily viewable on our calendar page as well. 

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