Snow Day - Giveaway

If you have lived in Texas long, you know that these jumps from beautiful, 70 degree weather to below freezing ice-storms is not exactly unusual. We all know that you have to soak up that sunshine as soon as it shows up, because it might not be around for long. Since we are all at home, surfing the web... why not make it...

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Kimberly of Word of Wear. Word of Wear is a one of a kind collection of hats adorned with hand made patches created specifically for you! Kimberly offers the ultimate customization of style and personal flair in all her hats. Check out their website or gallery to see the many hats they have created.

How to enter: Simply leave a comment (here or on Facebook) and tell us how you like to spend those special, weather-inspired, days off. Maybe you will inspire some of us to get out off of the couch and get to work! :) Please don't forget to leave an email address, if I cannot contact you then you cannot collect your prize!

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Tuesday, February 8th. Winners will be announced the morning of Wednesday, February 9th, 2011.

And the winner is... Kristi! Congrats! You have won a hat of your choice with a design of your choice from Word of Wear, a $30 value! You may select from the hat colors: black, brown, grey, olive green, white, red, pink, khaki, and camo. Check out their site to see many of the designs they have available.

Didn't win? Never fear! Kimberly is offering a 15% discount on all hat orders through Friday, February 11th.

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our giveaways and having your business listed on our site as shown above? Email me at for more information!


  1. I need the Texas Tech cap!!! :) Can't wait to see Word of Wear's creations in person @ the Funky Finds Spring Fling. We have had a lot of "weather-inspired" days this winter in PA...I try to look at being stuck at home as more time to get some work done! Doesn't always happen, but I try :)

  2. I love to curl up on the couch in a blanket and watch marathons of NCIS and CSI and Law & Order :) Super original, right? :) lol

  3. Crafting, of course! Or at least looking for ideas and information on the internet to further our crafting projects. :)

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  5. Wow, those are gorgeous hats (and I'm not typically a hat person)!

    I love to spend my snow days actually trying out new creative ideas I have been meaning to try! The past few days I've made 3 hair bow holders and many other displays for my up and coming craft shows in the DFW area. With 13 hours of college, 40 hours of work PLUS my boutique on the side... it's hard to find free time, I am very thankful for snow days!

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the black UNT hat!

  6. Love word of wear!!! On rare (usually) snow days when the hubby gets to stay home, he will make a fire and I'll make hot chocolate with marshmallows for me and my 3 yr old (pretty sure he just wants the marshmallows though!). When the kids have nap time it's now time to snuggle with my husband and either watch a movie or catch up on our shows. Love snow days!