Birthday Bash Giveaway #4

Craft shows are a great opportunity to get your product in front of a new audience, as well as make new contacts--whether they be shoppers or vendors. It is also a great venue to find inspiration. Now, I don't mean "Oh, that looks neat! I'm going to go home and try to make and sell it myself!" I'm not sure I'd call that inspiration. What I do mean is: being surrounded by creative people of all types with so many amazing and unique talents is inspirational. It makes me want to go home and start working on my own products. It makes me want to be a better crafter all around. It challenges me to constantly improve my work and brainstorm on new ideas.

Our fourth Birthday Bash Giveaway is brought to you a woman who truly lives and breaths the indie scene: Martha of Sunday Afternoon Housewife. Martha is the creator of amazing, fabulously funky Scrabble tile pendants, glass tile pendants, silk screened tees, and more! She is also the founder of the Handmade Promenade, an Indianapolis handmade market, and The Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis. As if that's not enough, Martha is also an avid writer for the crafting community. You can read many of her exceptionally insightful articles on her blog.

How to enter: Inspiration is truly everywhere. Tell us what inspires you! Don't forget to leave an email address in your post here, if I cannot contact you then you cannot collect your prize!

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Sunday, March 27th. Winners will be announced Monday, March 28th.

And the winner is... gsandoval! Congrats! You have won two Scrabble Tile Pendants from Sunday Afternoon Housewife's massive collection, a value of $16.00. (Pendants will not necessarily be the ones pictured above.) All Scrabble tile pendants are approximately 3/4" squares (they do slightly vary) and come with 24" trim-to-fit ball chain necklaces.

Are you loving these adorable designs, but are not the chosen one? Well, good news: you deserve a lovely Sunday Afternoon Housewife pendant or two and you can find plenty of them at her online shop and in many stores across the US (including Dallas' very own Make Shop & Studio).

Are you checking this out and just itching to get involved in our Giveaways? That's what I like to hear! Email me at


  1. My children inspire me to be creative Ans be a better person!

  2. I am inspired by all the incredibly talented artisans featured on Funky Finds. Of course, that barely scratches the surface of all the talented out there in the world, but they all inspire me in so many ways! Love Sunday Afternoon Housewife, too! Jessica D.

  3. What inspires me is seeing the creative works of other women!

  4. The world inspires me. The people in it. Nature. The sounds. All of it inspire me to be a better person.

    Smiles are more brilliant than frowns.
    Laughter is music.
    Blooming buds of new flowers are art.

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  6. Anything and everything inspires me! My 2 beautiful children and wonderful husband are my ultimate inspiration!
    P.S. I just discovered Sunday Afternoon Housewife 2 weeks ago...and OMG I am in Love!:-D

  7. I'm inspired by Renoir and Monet. Many of my pieces include pictures from Renoir or his life, and just looking at a Monet gives me ideas. When I got my first big book of Renoir pictures, including pictures from his life or sketches he drew, it was hard to cut those pictures out. I was always taught never damage a book! But I knew those pictures would be honored being featured on another piece of art. (It was still hard to put those sissors to the book!)

  8. I'm inspired by nature! From all the new children in my family this year & seeing how they learn new things everyday, to my garden outside & watching new things spring to life. I want to create items that bring joy to other. From my crocheted clothing to my mixed media art I hope others feel the love I put into them. :)

  9. I get inspired by my 2 girls. This spring weather is inspiring my to get out more!
    Very fun you are doing this!!
    Thank you