Happy One Year Birthweek!

Guess what? It's our birthday! Well, it's not quite our birthday (March 23rd), but it's our birthweek and that can only mean one thing: PARTY TIME! So grab a drink, have a seat, and relax, because it's time to... watch me open presents!

Okay, not really. What better way to celebrate DFW Craft Shows than to give all those people who make the site work (psst... that's you) a little something back! And of course, it should probably be a little crafty something. And that's where we begin...

This week on DFW Craft Shows, we will be hosting giveaways ALL WEEK LONG! Aw ya, that's right... it's about to get all crazy up in here. I will be listing at LEAST one giveaway every day until Friday, March 25th. All the giveaways will end at 10PM on Sunday, March 27th and will be listed the next day.

So what do you have to do? Check the website and Facebook page for our latest giveaways, of course! Each giveaway will have one task requested with it in order to be entered, but you already knew that because you've been playing along at home, haven't you?

That's it for now... I've got some giveaways to list! So I will leave you with this thought: Happy Birthday! I'm really happy to be celebrating this milestone with 994 of my closest friends. Oh, feel free to invite your friends to the party... the more the merrier! Who KNOWS what might happen if we hit 1000 before our birthday.

Psssst, are you still reading? Great, because I made something special just for you. Click the "Birthday Bash" image above and you will be taken to a page with ALL our Birthday Bash giveaways listed (as of now). Check it often for your chance to win some pretty awesome prizes. Keep in mind that I just typed the longest blog entry in the world, so you'll have to give me a second to actually type up the giveaway! Patience, my dear.

Are you checking this out and just itching to get involved in our Birthday Bash Giveaways? That's what I like to hear! Email me at


  1. Happy birthweek DFW Craft Shows!!! Funky Finds loves ya!

  2. Happy Birthday DFW Craft Shows!!! One Star Designs loves you too!! :)

  3. HAAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOOOOOO !!! Love this site ! Congratulations.