I would like to take a moment today to discuss a couple of new features on the site, as well as discuss the many tools already built into DFW Craft Shows geared at making the site easy to use, navigate, and search. I realize that there is a lot of information here, and our database is growing daily. DFW Craft Shows provides several methods to help you parse through information, searching by show type, location, date, and more. Below I will cover some of these valuable tools, all in order of how they appear on the site, top to bottom.

The Nav Bar
The navigation bar is located across the top of the website. You have probably noticed it change a few times in the past couple of months, and it is changing again. I have now included a section for our Weekend Guides, as well as a section for our upcoming articles. Articles? Yes, starting this afternoon DFW Craft Shows will begin to offer articles for Event Coordinators, Vendors, and Shoppers. I created this page so you can find and review all of our articles in one convenient location.

The Search Box
Pretty straight forward, but a powerful tool not to be over looked. The search box is located towards the top of the left sidebar. Here you can enter keywords to find particular shows. I mainly use this feature myself to find information on specific shows I remember posting, or giveaways from specific vendors etc..

Follow Via Email
Love the site but always forget to check in? You can subscribe to our posts through this RSS feed. Now, every time something new is listed on DFW Craft Shows, you will receive an email about it. This is the closest thing to a newsletter that we currently have.

Twitter and Facebook
An alternative way to keep up to day on blog posts is to "follow" or "like" our Twitter and/or Facebook pages. Whenever we have new show information, it will be posted here as well. We also remind our FB / Twitter followers of impending application deadlines, current giveaways, and more!

Upcoming Show
Just a quick mention of our Submit Show page, which allows you to submit any show information that you may have into our system for publication on DFW Craft Shows. This is the fastest way to get a show listed here, but there may still be a delay as each show submission is reviewed and manually entered on the website to insure relevance.

Browse by Subject
This is a great tool to browse our posts by labels. Each show post is categorized by location, month, and type, which you can view at the bottom of the post right before the comments. These labels are clickable here, or can be accessed on the left sidebar. This is a great way to look at show listings by location, but it is also a great way to filter shows by type. Shows that that are handmade-only are indicated by the "handmade" tag. You can also select a month to see all shows currently listed for that month. This information is easily viewable on our calendar page as well.

That's it for today! I hope you learned some new tools here that help you to navigate the site even faster and more efficiently than before!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, you improve the site AGAIN! So helpful! Thanks :)