Craft Show Survival Kit :: Part II - The Box

Last week, we covered Part I of The Craft Show Survival Kit: The Bag.  Today, we will move onto some of The Bag’s most important contents: The Box. (I use several of these SnapWare boxes connected together.) I consider “The Box” my crafter’s tool kit, complete with all the knick knacks that I need to put together my booth and a few extras to help throughout the day.

Now, I like to have everything in it's place for quick, easy access during even the busiest parts of the show; so, my box has two tiers:  one for setup and display items, the other for my own supplies. 

The perfect contents of your Box may differ than those listed here.  This is just a start to get you thinking about what you might need.  Hopefully, you will see a few “ah-ha!” items here that you hadn’t considered, and maybe you can school us on a few nifty tools that were missed.

Double Stick Tape (temporary)
Double Stick Tape (permanent)
Regular Tape
3 pens
Black & Red Sharpie
Adhesive Putty
Blank Price Tags
Clothes Pins
Safety Pins
Calculator (save phone battery)
Tape Measure
T Pins
Credit Card Payment Processor

Small Wire Cutter
Glue Dots
Claritin D
Tylenol & Advil
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Tie
Emergency Sun Block
Power Bank
Having a game plan always helps me to rest easy before a show. You can't control the weather, the traffic, or the sales, but you can make sure you are ready for whatever the event is going to throw at you. Being organized and prepared is a sure-fire recipe for taking anyone from disappointing to confident, even if you are a slug.

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  1. another great list! now i need to go buy a toolbox for all of this stuff :)

  2. Eventhough I don't consider myself a craft show expert yet I can say that I've been pretty prepared in every one I have attended to. I also bring with me my hot glue gun (usually there's a power supply somewhere) in case I have to glue back something that it may break. On my last craft fair I helped a girl glue back the decoration of her shoe. She loved my products although she didn't buy anything from me, but I surely made a good impression to her and she gladly took my card.

  3. We always bring a reciept book, in case anyone wants or needs one, a sewing kit, fabric glue, and bottled water.

  4. Very good points, thanks for adding to the list everyone!

    On the excellent note of water/food: I always have a separate bag that I load up with water and a couple of snacks. That way, I don't accidentally leave anything perishable in my supply bag between shows. Ick!