OutNAbout - Weekend in Review 4/15 - 4/17

Once the wind and hail departed, we were left with an absolutely beautiful end to the week. I couldn't resist getting out into the world and to check out what was going on in the Arts & Crafts scene.

Art In The Square

From Friday till Sunday, artists gather together in Southlake to showcase their work to the world. This year's show was a huge turnout, offering everything from jewelry to paintings, sculptures, photography and more.

We had a wonderful timing visiting with the artists at this show and admiring the variety of gorgeous work on display. In this amazing group, there are two sculptures I visit every year at this event, Sumati & Michael Colpitts. Their amazing work, both suitable for indoors and out, is almost too beautiful to capture in words.

Even this picture doesn't do them justice. The detail and workmanship in each completely unique piece is unbelievable. I have been dreaming about one of their Caped Rabbits for years. I finally made the leap, and you can see a little photo-shoot with my fantastic new friend here.

Another incredibly talented artist, Ping Irvin, was also at Art in the Square. Her paintings are an amazing combination of the organic and geometric, with an extremely detailed eye for color theory and dimension.

Ping had this original at the show and it was stunning. I almost didn't post it here, because I want it. There, that's the truth. And this painting is only the tip of her vast collection.

That closes another great year of Art In The Square. Every year I come away in awe, absolutely inspired to come home and get to work. Where did you go this weekend and what did you see/purchase that inspired you?


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