Toys and Tools - Giveaway

With every craft, there is one tool that we just cannot live without. And every year, we are introduced to new tools with new technology, aimed at making our lives easier and better. This is both a gift and a curse, the temptation of a new toy weighed against the necessity for a new tool.

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Ky Nguyen-Zubroski of Book-Inz, Inc. Ky has come up with a clever way to always keep your place and never lose your bookmarks, while expressing yourself as the truly stylish person you are. Her fabric Book-Inz offer a magnetic system to hold tight to your book and stay in place. You can choose from tons of pre-made designs or request a custom order on her website.

How to enter: Simply leave a comment (here or on Facebook) and tell us about one tool that you could not live without, and one new crafting toy you've been dreaming of. Please don't forget to leave an email address, if I cannot contact you then you cannot collect your prize!

Contest ends at 10:00PM on Tuesday, May 03, 2011. Winners will be announced Wednesday, May 04, 2011.

And the winner is... Lindsay of House of Introspection! Congrats! You have won (3) Pret-A-Lire - Foil DragonFly Book-Inz, a value of $21! Choose 3 from the 6 above designs featuring these fun appliques. Ribbon will matches DragonFly color.

Didn't win? Never fear! Ky has tons of stylish designs available on her website AND she takes custom orders as well!

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our giveaways and having your business listed on our site as shown above? Email me at for more information!


  1. I love me some Book-Inz! Such a handy item!!

    I love to scrapbook & have to say my #1 tool is double-sided tape! Of course, I also love my paper trimmer, so I guess it's a tie.

    Jessica Dougherty

  2. My #1 tool is my pink crop o dile! I cannot do anything without it! Best invention EVER!
    Mary Matous

  3. My favorite tool at the moment is a 4-sided emery block that I get at the dollar store. I sand everything with it.

    Cheryl Navalinsky

  4. I'm not playing (obviously) but the greatest invention EVER is the drop in bobbin.

    Yes. My favorite tool of the moment is my Fiskars Micro Snippers. LOVE those things. LOVE them! Oh, and the Clover Leaf Cutter is a handy dandy gadget, as well. *sigh* I sew too much! ;P

  5. My favorite current tool is my new Q sized crochet hook! Its so quick & fun to make things with. My new dream tool is a glass bottle cutter! I have several ideas for old wine bottles I have and plan on getting one soon.
    Thanks for such a great site

  6. My favorite tool right now are my fabric sissors! I make applique shirts so my sissors are my favorite tool! I dream of someday having a Sihouette Cutter!

  7. I'm sorry to say I'm not clever or nimble enough to be a crafter so I'd have to say my most useful tool is a good ol pair of scissors!
    Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  8. I use my rotary cutter alot. Straight edge for everything from fabric to paper. I would love to have an AccuQuilt Go cutter!