December Update

If you haven't heard our good news, we are expecting a baby girl early this December.  We are very excited and I cannot believe the due date is just around the corner.  As the countdown reaches single digits, I am diligently working on future posts and event information to keep the site running smoothly.  Here are a few important updates to note for the near future:

Giveaways for 2012 are finished!  I want to thank all our Giveaway Sponsors for sharing their amazing products with the DFW Craft Shows Community.  Once we have hit 2013, and I have had a chance to regain my footing, the giveaways will start back up again.  I'm excited to share a new year of  fun new products with you.

Show Shout-Outs will be on hiatus once this baby girl arrives.  I love to have you all share with us where you are going to be shopping and vending for the upcoming weekend, but researching all those shows and adding them to The Guide is a time consuming process!  I highly recommend that if you have a show coming up in December or January, you go ahead and submit that information on the site ASAP.  Submitting show information only takes about 5 minutes, especially if you are not entering vendor information.  It will allow me to get your event added to the scheduled Weekend Guide sooner than later, and it saves me a bit of time--for that, I am always thankful! :)

Existent Event Listing Upgrades and Ad Space will be served as promised!  New orders may experience a slight delay if we are in the baby zone.

New events will continued to be listed as quickly as I can parse through them.  I will also be responding to email as quickly as I can.  What I am trying to say is: I'm not wandering too far from the home base here, but I do appreciate your patience and understanding if my responses are a little slower than usual.  If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss, you can always reach me at

Well folks, that's it for now!  Wish us luck!
Until next time: Shop. Sell. Local.


Please check out The Tour for loads of information on how to parse through all the information on DFW Craft  I have tried to build in as many tools as I can to make your lives easier--after-all, that is what the site is all about.  

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  1. So happy for you all! Take time off & enjoy Motherhood & your time with the baby once she arrives :)